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The NGO Programme in Cyprus 2009-2014

The objective of the Fund for Non Governmental Organisations (NGO Fund) is to strengthen civil society development and enhance contribution to social justice, democracy and sustainable development in the Republic of Cyprus by providing financing to NGO projects in selected areas of support. 

A minimum 30% of the funding is made available for bi-communal projects that would benefit both communities within the priority areas, with a view to encouraging bi-communal contacts and a minimum of 10% of the funding is made available for children and youth driven organisations and/ or activities targeting children and youth.

Donor States’ horizontal concerns related to hate speech, extremism – hate crime, racism and xenophobia, homophobia, anti-Semitism, tolerance/multicultural understanding, sexual harassment, violence against women and trafficking should also be addressed through the Fund.

Areas of support

The NGO Fund shall provide funding in the core and additional areas of support as indicated below.

Core Areas of support

The following areas are eligible for support and should be covered by at least 40% of the Programme allocation:

  • Democracy and participatory democracy
  • Human rights, including minority rights (ethnic, religious, linguistic and sexual orientation)
  • Good governance and transparency
  • Combat racism and xenophobia and promoting anti-discrimination
  • Social inequalities, poverty
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    and exclusion, including in rural areas
  • Gender equality and combating gender-based violence 

Additional eligible areas and activities

The following areas and activities are also eligible for support:

Protection of the environment and climate change

  • Awareness-raising and civic participation
  • Develop umbrella organisations and/or new networks on biodiversity/climate change
  • Mobilising local involvement to protect biodiversity
  • Environmental educational activities and training for teachers

Provision of welfare and basic services

Provision of key services to vulnerable groups: children and youth at risk, people affected by HIV/AIDS, children with disabilities and/or mental disorders and their families, victims of trafficking and gender-based violence and/or domestic violence, where such services are not otherwise or not adequately provided by governmental institutions.

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Programme Operator

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited - Cyprus
    • Tassos Procopiou
    • tassos.procopiou@cy.pwc.com
    • Panagoitis Moiras
    • Panagiotis.moiras@cy.pwc.cy
    • +357 22 555763

Programme Partner

  • First Elements Euroconsultants Ltd
    • Programme Manager
    • Pantelis Dimitriou
    • pdimitriou@firstelements.com.cy
    • NGO Fund Coordinator
    • Marilena Ioannidou
    • mioannidou@firstelements.com.cy
    • +357 22 875710