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Projects’ News and Activities

In this section the Programme Operator publishes news, activities and other information in relation to the projects implemented under the CY03 NGO Fund Programme. Project Promoters are invited to contact the Programme Operator and submit any material that they wish to be published on this section of the web page.

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Programme Operator

  • PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited - Cyprus
    • Tassos Procopiou
    • tassos.procopiou@cy.pwc.com
    • Panagoitis Moiras
    • Panagiotis.moiras@cy.pwc.cy
    • +357 22 555763

Programme Partner

  • First Elements Euroconsultants Ltd
    • Programme Manager
    • Pantelis Dimitriou
    • pdimitriou@firstelements.com.cy
    • NGO Fund Coordinator
    • Marilena Ioannidou
    • mioannidou@firstelements.com.cy
    • +357 22 875710