FAQs for the NGO Fund

Is it possible to spend the whole project budget on subcontracting or should it involve other cost categories?

There is no minimum or maximum limitation to cost categories, therefore a proposal with a budget solely involving one cost category is eligible. Proposers should however consider their project activities as a whole and draft their budget corresponding to those activities. For example, a project budget fully attributed to subcontracting is eligible, however, a project proposal which will also involve staff costs for personnel who will be responsible for ensuring that the project activities are carried out, and carrying out the management of the project presents a more thorough and well substantiated approach.

Are consulting companies eligible as partners to a project proposal?

Consulting companies, as any other type of

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commercial entities are eligible as partners, but not as Applicants as long as their participation in the project is

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of not-for profit-nature.

What is the procedure to be followed for subcontracting relevant to works contracts?

Subcontracting related to Works contracts will need to follow public procurement procedures. For detailed information please see section 1.8.5. of the Guide for Applicants.

In the case that a project proposal corresponds to an activity of which part will be aimed for funding through the NGO Fund, is it possible to submit a proposal? If yes, how should the budget be formed?

For proposals submitted for part of a larger framework of activities, this should be explicitly mentioned and well described in the application form. The project budget has no limit. The NGO Fund maximum funding amount is up to EUR 120.000 for Class 3 Projects. This means that if an activity to be described in the application form has an overall cost of more than EUR 133.333, then the real overall budget figures should be indicated in the budget forms, however, a maximum of EUR 120.000 should be requested for funding (for Class 3 Projects).

Are Community Boards and Municipalities eligible applicants?

Community Boards and Municipalities do not fall within the definition of an NGO as of Section 1.6. of the Guide for Applicants, and therefore are not eligible applicants but they are eligible as partners to a project proposal.

Councils of Community Volunteerism and Community Development Boards may be considered NGOs depending on their actual circumstances and articles of association. In case of uncertainty please contact the Programme Operator before submitting a proposal.

In the case of works contracts involved in the proposal, should the subcontractor’s technical and financial offer be included in the application package?

Inclusion of any documentation other than the required documentation is not necessary for submitting an application. Inclusion of additional documentation which supports the maturity of the proposal will however support evaluators to better assess the proposal. However it is important to note that Tenders for Works Contracts must follow public procurement procedures (for detailed information please see section 1.8.5. of the Guide for Applicants). If other procedures have been followed then the tender will have to be

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re-issued and new offers received in compliance with Public Procurement regulations.

Are not-for-profit companies considered NGOs?

Not for profit companies registered at the Companies’ Registrar of the Republic of Cyprus are considered NGOs if they meet the criteria of Section 1.6 of the Guide for Applicants. The PO will check the Memorandum/ constitutional documents of such Applicant companies to ensure that it is clearly stated that the company is operating on a not-for-profit basis and that any profits will only be used for promoting its aims and objectives. Companies limited by guarantee may also be considered NGOs and may be eligible Applicants.

Is travelling for persons outside of the partnership considered an eligible cost?

If travelling expenses apply to persons identified as beneficiaries of a proposal and travelling is carried out in the framework of a project activity approved during the application process and included in Annex 1 of the Project Contract then the travel cost is eligible.

Is travelling within Cyprus eligible?

Normally, travelling within Cyprus is not eligible, i.e. travelling undertaken in order reach the point where a project activity will be carried out is not eligible. (For example, if a project activity involves provision of seminars, then travelling to and from the seminar venue is not eligible). However, if travelling as such makes part of an activity, then it is eligible. (For example if a project activity involves an excursion of children to an archaeological site then travelling is eligible).

Are projects involving other Cypriot communities (aside from the Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot communities) considered bi-communal?

Bi-communal projects are considered projects which involve the Greek Cypriot and


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the Turkish Cypriot communities only. Therefore, projects involving other communities although welcome if they fall within the Fund priority sectors and objectives are not considered bi-communal.

Is there a maximum rate of subcontracting allocation to total budget?

There are no limitations regarding cont categories allocation to total budget, therefore no such limitation exists for subcontracting. However, the PO advises interested applicants to plan their project budget in such a way that it reflects the project proposal and adds value to their project idea.

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